Promote Marathons  


Marathon running can change your life completely. Running 42.195 kms is not easy but also not impossible. Anyone who can aim can definately achieve it. Marathon is not just running but winning over our body, mind and soul. If books have not helped you than surely this film will.

If you have failed miserably in life, this film can be a cure. This film will teach you step by step how to overcome our failure and become a winner. 


Promote Sports


Aimed at boosting India’s performance in future Olympic Games, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that a Task Force would be set up to prepare a comprehensive action plan for “effective participation” of Indian sportspersons in the next three Olympic Games — 2020, 2024 and 2028.

Jeet Lo Marathon is our efforts to promote Long Distance Running in India. Marathon has now become a Billion Dollar Industry but the money still don't reach the sportsman. Our team helps sportsman to aim high and become a legend in Marathon Sport. 

This film is not usual Bollywood Masala film. This film is like a Bible or Quran or Gita which everyone loves.

This film teaches Self Love. Self Love is the highest form of Love. If one cannot love yourself, no one will

love you. So first start loving yourself and then the whole world will love you.


Madhu Rani Gupta

Co Producer

Swarnima Tiwari





Vidyasagar Singh


Directed by Aryan

Written by Gokul Rastogi, Subhanshu Satyadeo, Late Anjani Kumar Singh, Vidyasagar Singh & Aryan

Edited by Manish Mehee

Director of Photography is P. Monty

Music Directors are Harindu and Veer and Dhawal Pandya

Lyrics by Sawan Kumar Shukla, Bhayesh RD, Sant Rahim, Aryan

Actors are Aryan, Ankita Bahuguna, Late Anjani Kumar Singh, Preena Jhamb, Chandre Meiring, Vinayak Mishra, Saahil Sheikh, Rajeev Khare, Gautam Berde, Ganesh More, Sawan Shukla,  Ghanshyam, Jeetendra, Gautam Bhosle, Abhishek Mahendru, Farha, Kishore Kulkarni. Abhishek Soti, C P Bhatt